Pokémon: Special Format Tournament - Fri. 1/21

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Special Format Tournament

Friday, Jan. 21st @ 6pm

Entry Fee $10

Format rules:
- All cards from TEU (Team Up) to FST (Fusion Strike)are legal (except for some exceptions listed below). Promo cards from SM158 and later are legal, SWSH001and later are legal as well.
- CEL25 (Classic Collection) is NOT legal.
- You are ONLY allowed 2 copies of any named card (down from the standard 4). Basic energies are allowed multiples of.
- Your deck MUST consist of MAX 2 types of Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon are legal in any deck in addition to the 2 types. (So a lightning / grass / colorless deck is legal, but not lightning / grass / fire ) This can be any two types, but no other Pokemon is allowed in your deck!
- Banned cards:
    * Rule box Pokemon (NO GX, NO EX, NO V, NO VMAX, NO PRISM STAR)
    * Aerodactyl (TEU, 130)
    * Excadrill (UNM, 119)
    * Reset Stamp (UNM, 206)
    * Rapid Strike Energy (BST, 140)
    * Single Strike Energy (BST, 141)
    * Fusion Strike Energy (FST, 244)
    * Malamar (CRE, 070)
* Prism Stars include Stadiums and Supporters
Good luck!