Shining Fates Pick-Up (Friday 2/19 - Sunday 2/21)

Hello Friends!

Friday 2/19 - Sunday 2/21: We are open for in-store pickup for Shining Fates and other pre-ordered products ONLY from 11am-6pm

PARKING: We have 4 designated parking spots available in the lot. Please pay for parking in the parking lot if you are not parked in the first 4 stalls. Street parking is also available and free on Sundays. 

LINE: We ask that you social distance from others and wait outside or in your car if you see a line at the door.

TABLES ARE LIMITED: If there is a table available, you can open your product in store with your own household. Please do not mix groups. Please sanitize your area as you leave. There will be spray bottles and paper towels available.

*If you are not staying to open, please leave after picking up your ordered product.

Online and In-store Preorders:
Please bring a copy of your paid invoice/receipt with you and identification. 
Please note that you will not be able to pick up your friends' products.

Wait List Customers: There is nothing for you to pick up at this time, please keep an eye out for an email when product is available.

There are no extra Shining Fates products to be purchased.

Other in-store merchandise is available for purchase at time of pick up. 
Penny sleeves and top loaders will be available for sale: 1pk/per person. 

At Tabletop Village, we are trying to build a safe and fun community for people to play, collect, and enjoy Pokémon. That's why our products are sold at retail or slightly above for new products and 1 per customer for allocated products. We want everyone to have a chance at an affordable price, so that everyone can enjoy.

See you this soon!