Tabletop Village will be having its first RS-PK tournament!



  • Saturday - August 28, 2021
  • Registration/Check in: 11am
  • Tournament start time: 12pm


  • $5 entry
  • No Written Decklist Necessary 


  • To Be Determined 


  • The RS-PK format consists of the following sets:

EX Ruby & Sapphire

EX Sandstorm

EX Dragon

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua

EX Hidden Legends

EX FireRed & LeafGreen

EX Team Rocket Returns

EX Deoxys

EX Emerald

EX Unseen Forces

EX Delta Species

EX Legend Maker

EX Holon Phantoms

EX Crystal Guardians

EX Dragon Frontiers

EX Power Keepers

EX Trainer Kit (Latias and Latios)

EX Trainer Kit 2 (Plusle and Minun)

POP Series 1

POP Series 2

POP Series 3

POP Series 4

POP Series 5

Nintendo Black Star Promos 001-040


  • There will be several rounds of Swiss, based on attendance.
  • Top Cut based upon attendance 
  • Tournament conditions: matches will be best-of-1, 35+2, no ties allowed. (After time is called the player whose turn it is currently is turn 0, and then there will be 2 more turns.) If players are still tied on prizes after that, the game keeps going until someone takes a prize lead. This is similar to actual Japanese tournament conditions, with an extra 5 minutes since people aren't experts with these cards and interactions.

Loaner Decks

  • You're encouraged to build and bring your own deck, but to decrease the barrier to entry we'll have 50+ loaner decks available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Proxies and Card Art

  • World Championship cards (with silver borders) and foreign-language cards are allowed. Please use opaque sleeves so that you can't distinguish the different card backs. For foreign cards, try to have a reference handy to save time.
  • Unofficial proxies are also allowed. For ease of play, printed proxies cut out and put in front of a sleeved card are highly encouraged, so neither player has to look up card effects. But if you really really can't print up some proxies, you can write some up.
  • If you have a choice between, say, printing out Rocket's Admin and using N to proxy it, try to do the former! It will look less jarring and be clearer to your opponents.
  • Part of the appeal of old format cards is the aesthetics of playing with the card art of that era. If you have cards with EX-era borders (or earlier), now's the time to use them!


I'm Worried That the Rules for RS-PK Are Too Different!

  • Don't worry! There's a cheat sheet for RS-PK explaining important errata and rules differences - check that out here: 2006 format rules and errata

We'll have these sheets printed out at the venue, available on every table.


I want to play but I don't know what the cards do or what the strategies are!

  • Three-time champion Jason Klaczynski has written extensively about the format! Check out his article here: . It starts with a high-level overview of the format and includes 50 different deck lists!

Looking Back at the EX Era: The Golden Age of the Pokémon TCG