Buy - Trade - Sell

We buy, sell and trade Pokemon and other collectible cards. 

We do not accept any damaged cards. 


Bulk rates:

Common/Uncommon (non-foils): 0.01

Rares, Holos, Reverse Holo: 0.04

V's: 0.50

VMAX's: 1.00

EX & GX: 1.00

Energy: 0.00 - but we will gladly take them off your hands! 


    Please GET IN TOUCH to make an appointment and let us know what type of bulk cards, special collectibles you are looking to buy, sell or trade along with a date and time you want to come in. 

    Appointments can be made between Wednesday - Sunday. Please be aware that Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days of our store, we cannot guarantee appointments these days.

    Please bring a valid form of ID for buy/sell/trade transactions.