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Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze Pokemon PTCGO Code to be redeemed through The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Your PTCGO code(s) will be delivered via email or in store pickup.

A new Pokemon: Sword and Shield set has appeared in the form of Darkness Ablaze! This new set is focusing on a lot of the darkness type Pokemon found in the Galar region including Eternatus VMAX, Crobat V, Hoopa, Airados, and much more! This set is looking to be very impactful on the Pokemon TCG metagame as the new cards Eternatus VMAX and Crobat V are both very good cards. Eternatus has an ability that allows you to have up to 8 dark type Pokemon benched and it’s attack pairs well with that doing 30x each dark type Pokemon in play! Crobat V is also a very good partner with Eternatus VMAX with its ability that allows you to draw up to 6 cards in your hand. It works well in the Eternatus VMAX deck but also gives every other archetype additional draw power. Shaymin EX has been very powerful in every meta game it’s been legal in and expect no difference here! Some other amazing cards in this set are Vikavolt V which can item lock with it’s attack, and all the “Mad Party” Pokemon that have the same effect and strategy as the infamous “Night March” deck. There are also some amazing new trainer cards such as “Chairman Rose”, “Rose Tower”, and “ Turbo Patch” which will hopefully cause some new strategies to become good. With all the new Pokemon V and VMAX to explore this set is a great set to collect as it will be a very competitive set and have some much wanted cards. The Pokemon TCG set Sword and Shield: Darkness Ablaze will have around 185+ cards including 14 more Pokemon V and 7 Pokemon VMAX! Upgrade your Pokémon TCG collection today by picking up some Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze packs emailed to you immediately after your order!